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About Us


Since 1970, Haines Direct has made it easy for businesses to increase revenue, generate leads, build customer databases, improve store traffic – whatever their goals.

Our customers can choose from an array of direct marketing services, so we can help if you just need a list or if you need a complete direct mail campaign. Our client list encompasses virtually every industry, and runs the gamut from local shops to multi-level national franchises.

Haines Direct also includes the company’s fundraising division, which serves nonprofit health organizations, colleges, gospel missions, food pantries, youth service organizations, and other clients nationwide.

Americalist Changes Its Name to Haines Direct

In January 2015, our name was officially changed from Americalist to Haines Direct. The new name better reflects the company’s long tradition of serving the direct marketing needs of businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies, according to Jim Countryman, Executive Vice President of Haines & Company, Inc.

“As our list of services and capabilities has progressed over the years, we felt it was time to update the Americalist name to better reflect who we are,” Countryman said. “We also wanted a name that recognized the history and reputation of our company as a whole.”

Our People Make the Difference

When you call, you can literally employ an entire team of marketing experts working toward achieving your goals.

Unlike direct marketing firms that farm out services at greater expense to you, we complete everything in-house at our 115,000-square-foot headquarters and production facility, ensuring a higher level of quality control, faster turnaround, and cost savings.

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