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Xerox iGen4 Digital Press

Xerox iGen4 Digital Press

Haines Direct can uniquely execute large print runs in the hundreds of thousands on our offset presses or short runs using our digital printer. Customized personal letters are printed on our high-speed printers.

Offset Printing

Haines Direct prints a wide array of materials for businesses nationwide, including corporate identity packages, postcards, brochures, newsletters, self-mailers, flyers, and other collateral materials.

Customers’ electronic files are processed in our pre-press department, which uses state-of-the-art computer-to-plate technology and eliminates the need for film, saving our customers time and money.

Our technicians are known for the painstaking care they take to ensure your final materials meet your precise design and color specifications.

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Digital Printing

Haines Direct offers digital printing of spectacular quality that can improve your direct mail response, turnaround time, and your bottom line.

Our state-of-the-art printing technology revolutionizes the printing process with its speed, on-demand print capabilities, and ability to highly personalize each piece of direct mail to each recipient — on a single print run.

The benefits:

  • Reduces the costs of warehousing collateral material
  • We can print your promotions on demand, when you need them and in the quantity you ask
  • Incredibly fast turnaround (Our two Xerox iGen digital presses can print 14,000 pieces per hour)
  • Vibrant, consistent color from the first print to the last
  • Short print runs (How many pieces do you need? No print run is too small.)
  • Unrivaled variable data capabilities take your direct mail to the next level of personalization

How Personalized Can Haines Direct Make Your Mail?

Imagine on the same print run, each piece of mail can …

  • Show images reflecting the age, gender, and/or interest of the mail recipient
  • Display an offer and incentive with the greatest appeal to that person
  • Display the individual’s name in various fonts and colors throughout the piece
  • Show copy geared toward that person
  • Display a product specifically designed to upgrade that customer

The possibilities are limitless.

Studies prove that this level of personalized mail significantly improves response. To find out what digital printing from Haines Direct can do for your business, contact us for your free consultation.